How Often Do I Need Pest Control Services?

For most homeowners, the frantic scurrying of a cockroach on a wall or an ant invasion in the kitchen is cause for an immediate call to the exterminator. But once the pests are gone and peace of mind is restored, it’s easy to forget the damage they cause. Pests are exceptional at hiding and establishing large colonies. To keep their spaces protected against these unwanted visitors, many home or business owners seek the help of a professional pest control service. However, the disappearance of bugs after an effective initial treatment will often leave homeowners asking: How often do I really need pest treatments?

Pests Come and Go by Season

One of the really great things about bugs is their lifespan. Because many of the insects you encounter in the warm summer months are hibernating in the colder winter months, you may see a decrease in pests during this period. However, that doesn’t mean that pest control isn’t needed during winter. Previous treatments may have eradicated the existing pest populations, but if your home is susceptible to invasion by cockroaches, ants, wasps, fleas, etc., new populations can easily become established in the spring or summer if preventative measures aren’t taken. Additionally, many insects lay eggs in the fall that lie dormant until hatching in the spring, they are basically ticking pest time bombs, these eggs won’t be noticed under normal circumstances and require a professional pest service to eliminate them. Finally, homeowners should know that all insects do not hibernate in winter, so a risk for infestation still exists. Subterranean termites, especially, are resistant to cold and will burrow through the earth into your basement and walls, multiplying unnoticed until well after serious damage has been done. Don’t wait until more pests appear to seek help; continue to regularly utilize pest control services to keep your home safe.

Pests Never Work Alone

While we like to think that the bugs we see are the only bugs in the house, this just simply doesn’t hold true. Typically, initial visits from a pest control service will eliminate the insects that are readily visible or causing obvious problems. Unfortunately, pests nearly always form colonies once they are established in a home, so the initial pest treatment generally only kills individual insects that have strayed from the safety of the colony to procure food or water. Ants, wasps, termites, and even cockroaches all live in colonies that can be difficult to find, hard to reach, and nearly impossible to eliminate with one treatment. To continue to keep these insects at bay, and hopefully locate and eradicate their colonies, continuing pest treatments are essential.

Pests Hide in Plain Sight

While it would be nice to believe that our homes are secure against invaders, the truth is that pest are incredibly good at finding a way in. Once inside, they’re even better at hiding, so it can be very difficult to gauge if and when an infestation will occur. Because insects often inhabit dark corners, basements, or other undisturbed areas of the home, we often don’t even notice that they’re there. Generally, the first indication of a pest infestation is the presence of insect droppings or dead insects themselves. By the time live insects are noticeable, the infestation is likely so advanced that no amount of home remedies can treat it; at this point, it’s best to call in a professional pest extermination company to take care of the infestation quickly and limit the damage caused. It’s never too late for pest control, and many homeowners wait until an infestation occurs, generally in the summer months before taking action. However, experts advise that you talk to a professional and create a plan that works to both eliminate existing pests and prevent the occurrence of new ones. By following this model, homeowners can be proactive in addressing their pest problems, rather than reactive.

Essentially, pests find our homes just as attractive as we do; they offer plenty of food, water, and an excellent shelter against the elements. To keep these pests in check, it’s important to remain vigilant, consult with a professional exterminator, and treat your home early and often. Remember, pests can invade your home year-round, so you should have protection against them year-round as well!

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