1. Crane flies are known in different areas as different names. Because of their look, they have been referred to as Mosquito Hawks, Mosquito Eaters (or Skeeter Eaters), and Jimmy Spinners. In the United Kingdom they are referred to as daddy long legs ( a term Americans use to refer to certain spiders).
2. As an adult, crane flies are generally found around damp places and are attracted to light. As a larva, they usually live in damp habitats and sometimes live in water.
3. Crane flies have an interesting eating pattern. As larva, they consume organic matter and roots. As adults, crane flies do not eat. It is a misconception that they attack mosquitoes or bite at all.
4. A crane fly has four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The egg is laid in water, on water plants, moist soil or sometimes in rotted roofs. It takes 72 hours for an egg to hatch and about a month for it to become an adult. As an adult, a crane fly will only live for a few days, long enough to mate and lay new eggs.